Welcome to our Toy Library!


We now have two Toy Libraries – please choose your area below to view catalogues and choose toys.

What is a Toy Library?

Children playing

Toy Libraries allow parents/carers and children to access a variety of different toys and books at low cost. They work just as ordinary libraries do, enabling toys to be hired for short periods of time. The Toy Library is committed to providing:

  • Good quality toys to hire
  • A wide range of toys suitable for babies, toddlers, pre-school children. There is also a range of toys specifically for children with special needs
  • Information, ideas and support for playing with your child
  • Resources for the community groups e.g. Pre-schools and parent and Toddler groups

What is Reserve and Collect?

Parents, Settings and Childminders can reserve toys and collect the following week. To find out more about this exciting way to support your child’s learning and development please view the Toy Library catalogues via the links above for each Toy Library. Then you can email us with your request:

Hertsmere Toy Library toy.library@hertsmereleisure.co.uk
Watford, Hemel & The LangleysEmma.carter@hertsmereleisure.co.uk

The Toy Library staff will contact you by email to let you know when the toys will be available. Once your reservation is confirmed you can make your payment. We prefer cash payments for hire or membership but if not you can pay by credit or debit card over the phone (minimum payment £5) to the BECC Reception on 020 8386 4038 or 020 8236 7550.

Home delivery can be arranged for £1 per trip

Contact details

Hertsmere Toy Library: 020 8386 4038 or 020 8236 7550
Watford, Hemel & The Langleys – Abbots Langley Children’s Centre: 07901 006 223

Have you considered the benefits of play to you and your family?

Play is good for all age groups. It combines a whole host of mental and physical benefits to individuals and families alike. Apart from just being enjoyable, it is:

  • Healthy
  • Educational
  • Sociable
  • Recreational
  • Great for family bonding
  • Fun

Psychologists have identified numerous ways that play helps childhood development. It enhances:

  • Thinking power
  • Mental fitness
  • Practical knowledge
  • Personal and emotional well-being
  • Physical development

How do I become a member of Hertsmere Toy Library?

Simply drop in to any of the Toy Library venues and give us your details.

How much will it cost to become a member?

Annual Membership fees
Family membership £6.00
Discounted membership for families on benefit £3.00
Membership renewals £3.00
Schools and Settings and Childminders £25.00 (per annum and no hire fees)

How long can I hire the toys for?

The maximum length of time that toys can be kept is 2 weeks.

How much will a toy cost to hire?

The cost of hiring a toy will vary depending on its size/value. Prices range from 30p – £2 a week.

How many toys can I hire per week?

You can hire up to a maximum of 5 toys per week

What happens if the toy gets broken?

If toys are broken or lost whilst on hire, please don’t worry about telling us, we can always resolve the problem.

Hertsmere Toy Library is a member of the National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries.

Feedback about Toy Library

You said, we did

In response to requests from parents, childminders and settings we have done the following:

You asked us to colour code the back of our puzzles in our activity chest

We colour coded the back of our puzzles and they are now being returned quickly

You wanted some more Activity Chests.

We created a new Activity Chest called ‘The Office’ and this is very popular

You said that the pop up tents were not staying upright.

They are now being replaced with framed tents – with ‘Space Tent’ new to our range – this will appear in our new catalogue coming soon

You asked for more black and white toys in our nursery range

There are new items in our new catalogue coming out soon