Want to get a job or go to college? Don’t think you have any skills or experience that would help? Then think again!

You have important skills and experience that employers and colleges want –think about the things you do every day:

Do you look after your child, do the housework, and do the shopping…?

Then you can multi-task.

Do you know how to keep your child safe?

Then you are aware of health and safety issues.

Do you get to Children’s Centre sessions on time and complete courses?

Then you are reliable.

Do you chat to people in Children’s Centre sessions?

Then you get on well with people.

Have Children’s Centre staff helped you?

Then you are able to receive advice.

Have you volunteered to help in Children’s Centre activities?

Then you are willing to take on responsibility.

For more information, advice and guidance about getting a job or going into training speak to your local Children’s Centre or visit the other pages in this section.