Hertsmere Leisure Children’s Centre team

Head of Children’s Centres

The Head of Children’s Centres has overall responsibility for the day to day leadership, development and management of the 19 Children’s Centres managed by Hertsmere Leisure.

Deputy Head of Children’s Centres

To support the Head of Children’s Centres and line manage some of the Children’s Centre teams managed by Hertsmere Leisure in their day to day leadership, development and delivery of services.

Partnership Co-Ordinator

To build partnerships with a range of statutory and voluntary sector agencies as well as local parents/carers and their children. To monitor and evaluate the services and to line manage some of the Children’s Centre staff.

Children’s Centres Qualified Teacher

To support cognitive development in children aged 0-5 years and to contribute to closing the gap in between the most disadvantaged children and other children.  She works closely with other early years staff in observing, supporting and extending children’s learning.

Outreach Support Lead

To oversee and monitor the Outreach support provided across all of our Children’s Centres. Providing additional support to our Outreach Co-ordinators to ensure they have necessary support and training to build on their knowledge and develop their skills.

Participation Co-ordinator

To consult with local parents Early Years Settings in the areas of most need and meet local parents to identity learning needs. To identify and set up appropriate training courses to meet local needs across the areas. Also to attend and minute all 6 Advisory Boards meetings.

Project Manager

To support and oversee and marketing and promotion of the Children’s Centres, Nurseries and Pre School.

Team Leader

To support and line manage the Children’s Centre staff providing leadership and development of a full range of Children‘s Centre activities in their Centres and in Community Venues.

Deputy Team Leader

To support the Team Leader and line manage some of the Children’s Centre staff in smooth running of  the Children‘s Centre activities in their Centres and in Community Venues.

Outreach Co-ordinators

To ensure that all parents and carers in the Children’s Centre reach area have access to the support they need to get involved with their children’s learning and development  This includes providing outreach family support to all families with children aged 0 – 5 years who are at risk of social exclusion within the Children’s Centre area.

Schools and Settings Co-ordinators

This role involves working in partnership with local Schools and Early Years settings to identify children who would benefit with additional support in order to contribute to reducing the achievement gap.

Children’s Centres Workers

To plan and run a range of activites in the Children’s Centres and in community venues.

Children’s Centres Assistant

To work supporting the Children’s Centre workers in running a range of activities in the Children’s Centres and in community venues including support in the crèche.

Children’s Centre Administrator

To cover the management and operation of reception and all the administrative procedures of The BECC Children’s Centre.  Also responsible for the monitoring of service delivery against operational procedures.

Children’s Centre Administrative Assistants

To work with the Administrator dealing with ordering of equipment.  Also to deal with enquiries, booking of rooms and activities, accept fees and charges and establish and maintain good relationships with the public.

Children’s Centre Financial Admin Assistants

To provide support for the administration and financial functions of the Children’s Centres.

Children’s Centre Data Admin Assistants

To support Hertsmere Leisure Children’s Centre teams by preparing accurate data reports in order to feed into service development.

Toy Library Co-ordinators

To co-ordinate the running of our mobile toy library for families and carers of children 0 – 5yrs. Also to advise parents / carers on the suitability of Toys for the children.

Toy Library Assistant

To support the Toy Library Co-ordinator to manage the delivery of the Toy Library Service within the Hertsmere Leisure Children’s Centre areas.

Crèche Worker

To oversee the running of a number of crèches for  0 – 4 yr olds in our Children’s Centres and community venues.  .

Crèche Assistant

To support the Crèche Worker to run a number of crèches in our Children’s Centre areas