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In early 2006, Hertsmere Leisure became the lead agency for three Children’s Centres (all phase 2) in Hertsmere: One new-build centre in Borehamwood covering two Children’s Centre areas – Borehamwood North & Elstree and Borehamwood South and a centre in Potters Bar.

Hertsmere Leisure identified a need to further understand current local service delivery, which local services families are accessing, and what additional services families would like. A consultation project was designed by Opportunity Links in order to support Hertsmere Leisure in undertaking consultation with local service providers and residents.

Opportunity Links is a nationally based, voluntary sector organisation working closely with central government and local authorities to develop and manage operational and technical information strategies and systems. The organisation is committed to helping parents and families make important life choices on childcare and flexible working and to supporting services that provide vital information to families.

Hertsmere Children Centre Consultation began in January 2007 and ran for four months. The project incorporated a number of methods of consultation in order to build a picture of what is required in the three Children’s Centre areas in Hertsmere.